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Alert Confidential Document Security Bag

Protecting the Integrity of Sensitive Documents

Educational testing materials, legal documents and medical records are just a few types of sensitive documentation that require “eyes only” protection. The Alert Confidential Document Security Bag is your security solution for transporting or storing sensitive information and documentation.

Built with the same tamper evident security features as the Alert Police Evidence Bag, the Alert Confidential Document Security Bag incorporates dual security serial numbers with corresponding barcodes for automated processing systems and a tamper evident tape closure with hidden ALERT/VOID graphics that display when the contents of the bag are accessed by an unauthorized individual before it reaches its final destination. A tear-off receipt with serial number provides the sender with a record of the exact security bag used for each transmittal and the Alert Continuous Security feature dispenses each security bag in sequential order, giving the sender and receiver the ultimate tool for tracking.

Using a three-layer composite plastic material with high opacity pigments, the Alert Confidential Document Security Bag keeps private information private and offers numerous other advantages. The state-of-the-art materials provide waterproof protection for your documents, and the printed information block provides a convenient area to document the contents of the security bag.

Alert Confidential Document Security Bags solve security issues in schools and universities, legal offices and medical / healthcare businesses. Any situation where document access is restricted is the perfect application for our Alert Confidential Document Security Bags.

Judge for yourself. Request a free sample of the Alert Confidential Document Security Bag.

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