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We Manufacturer Security Bags with Tamper Evident Technology

Alert Security Products are manufactured by Primary Packaging Inc. (PPI), a fully-integrated manufacturer of film and bags that services industrial and retail markets with high-quality heavy-duty packaging for demanding applications. Alert Security Products are the industry leading solutions for tamper evident bags for storing, protecting and transporting sensitive assets, while maintaining a secure and unbroken chain of custody.

PPI offers its customers the widest range of security bag formats in the industry to provide protection against theft, damage or manipulation of your highly sensitive assets. Our products address security issues for a variety of markets and applications, from cash deposit bags for the secure transport of currency, to personal property bags for storing personal items for a specific time frame, to patient medication bags that ensure expensive and life saving medications are delivered safely to their intended patient, and more, we have you covered. Alert Security Products are top of the line. Manufactured with heavy gauge, multi-layer polyethylene, tamper evident void tape closures, perforated tear off serialized receipt tabs and an easy to write on information block, our security bags provide the protection you need with built in features to keep your protected items organized and trackable.

At PPI, we understand that safety and security is critical to the success of your business and maintaining the trust of your customer. All Alert Security Products are stock items and will be ready to ship the same day as the order is placed. We proudly manufacture all our products in the USA and can distribute worldwide.

Our mission is very straight forward. We support our customers’ success by providing the highest quality, most technologically advanced security bags backed with exceptional customer service.

Security bags from Alert Security Products come in a variety of shapes, sizes and designs for different applications.

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PPI is a fully-integrated manufacturer of film and bags that services industrial and retail markets with high-quality heavy-duty packaging for demanding applications such as fertilizer, salt, sand, rock and fiberglass insulation markets, as well as security bags with tamper evident technology.

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State-of-the-art extrusion capabilities.
Up to 10-color printing. Same Day Shipping direct from the manufacturer. Customer-centric solutions and exceptional customer service.
We offer a wide variety of security bag products with tamper evident technology for medical applications, retail applications and many more. Bank deposit bags, personal property bags, evidence bags, mailer bags and more.

Our team of experienced pros know the in’s and out’s of the security bag business and helped to pioneer the development of today’s tamper evident technology. Here’s our take on industry trends and developments.