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The Benefits of Developing a Security Protocol That Uses Security Bags

Most companies, organizations and facilities do not think to utilize a security protocol to protect their sensitive assets until after they have had a security incident. Once an incident occurs, management teams are frantic to identify what occurred, who was responsible and locate the missing, damaged or stolen assets. Only after the damage has been done do they act to create safety and security protocols to prevent future events. Events like these can be prevented to begin with by utilizing security bags at your locations to store and transfer sensitive assets.

What is a Security Bag?

A security bag can take many forms, but it can be described as a sealable bag to contain items and prevent unwanted access or viewing. Historically, the canvas lock and key bag was the most common version and was developed specifically for the banking industry. Today, the options are far ranging and far more technologically advanced and customized to a particular application. Single-use plastic (polyethylene) bags are the most common solution used today and have mostly made the canvas bag obsolete.

The most effective security bag products are those that have been specifically designed for a particular application. Custom designed security bags incorporate features that provide the user with the highest level of protection and simplify the security protocols developed by the companies and individuals that use them.

Types of Security Bags

Many retailers, distributors and manufacturers offer a one type fits all applications bag and typically offer a few different sizes to accommodate large and small item collection. Some companies offer a more diverse assortment of security bags that are specifically designed for a particular industry or application. Primary Packaging’s Alert Security Products is the most comprehensive offering of security bags in the market and utilize some of the most premium materials to ensure the quality of their bags are unmatched in the industry.

The most common types of security bags used are bank deposit bags for secure bank deposits and armored car transfers, and personal property security bags for collecting, cataloging and retaining individuals’ personal property.

Bank Deposit Bags

Bank deposit security bags are commonly used by retail businesses such as restaurants, food and retail franchises, as well as municipal governments and churches. Any organization dealing with cash transactions would greatly benefit from using bank deposit security bags to protect the transfer of cash and other valuables. The bank deposit bag from Alert Security Products includes a number of security features to keep the cash or valuable secure, as well as a customized information block used to record details about the contents and the chain of custody.

Personal Property Bags

Personal property security bags provide security and accountability for facilities and organizations that accept and hold personal property of customers, clients, patrons or visitors. This includes a wide range of businesses and organizations such as hospitals and healthcare facilities, retention facilities, prisons and jails, secure business locations that require the checking of cell phones or cameras or any organization that operates a lost and found. Taking control and storing the personal belongings of another is a significant responsibility that can be simplified with a security protocol that includes the use of security bags.

What types of assets can you protect with security bags?

There really is no limit to the list of items that you could be protecting with security bags. Anything that you, your organization, or your customers, patients or patrons view as valuable could be protected using security bags, and Alert Security Products makes it easy to select a bag that has been specifically and thoughtfully crafted to support your application. The most common asset that is protected using security bags is cash, checks and other currency, but other commonly protected assets include:

  1. Jewelry
  2. Clothing
  3. Phones
  4. Medication
  5. Evidence for criminal or non-criminal investigations
  6. Sensitive documents and test results
  7. Electronic data storage devices
  8. Other sensitive items sent via mail carrier services

Revisit Your Security Protocols Today

Its important to ensure that you review and update your safety and security protocols periodically to confirm they are up to date and effective. If your organization does not have a security protocol, there is no better time than now to create one and make the use of security bags a focal point.

Finding the right type of security bag to meet your needs can be difficult and confusing. Alert Security Products makes it easy to find the type of bag that is perfect for your application with a comprehensive offering of customized security bags with industry leading tamper evident technology. We have a sample request program so that you can get a sample of our bags to ensure they meet your needs before you buy. Contact our team today to get more information!