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Alert Tamper Evident Bank Deposit Bag

Today’s Best Solution for Secure Bank Deposits and Armored Car Transfers

The Alert single use Tamper Evident Bank Deposit Bag offers today’s financial manager three important benefits:

• Increased security for cash transfers
• Reduced costs
• Ease of use

The security technology incorporated into the Alert Bank Deposit Bag obsoletes the traditional canvas lock and key bag. Each Alert Bank Deposit Bag has dual consecutive serial numbers for identification by the sender and receiver. Adjacent to each serial number, the corresponding barcode is ideal for automated processing systems. The Alert Security Seal, a maximum security adhesive closure with the ALERT/VOID message, provides state of the art tamper evidence. The unique Alert Continuous Security roll package offers complete tracking of successive deposits and a very convenient method for storing and dispensing the bags.

The Alert Bank Deposit Bag is designed specifically for hand-carried bank deposits and armored car transfers. The printed information block provides for all of the necessary deposit documentation and leads the user through the transaction process. Users of our security bags range from retail businesses such as restaurants, food and retail franchises to municipal governments and churches. Any organization dealing with cash transactions would greatly benefit from using our bags to protect the transfer of cash and other valuables.

Your choice of bank deposit bag is a critical decision in the overall effectiveness of your loss prevention system.

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