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Alert Personal Property Security Bag

The Security Solution for Everyone’s Protection

Collection, storage and transfer of personal belongings is a serious responsibility. The Alert Personal Property Security Bag is designed specifically to provide a high level of security and accountability for facilities and organizations that accept and hold personal property of customers, clients, patrons or visitors.

The Alert Personal Property Security Bag combines features such as dual consecutive serial numbers with corresponding barcodes, and tamper evident ALERT/VOID tape closure to deliver security protection to the property owner, as well as the property manager. The unique Alert Continuous Security roll package maintains each successive Alert Personal Property Bag in numerical order, a security feature which provides accountability for each bag in use. The Alert Personal Property Security Bag is designed with a write-on information block for recording the contents and the owner’s identification, which ensures the safe storage and appropriate return of personal property to the proper owner.

Alert Personal Property Security Bags are used by a very wide range of businesses and public organizations: Lost and Founds for any organization, hospitals and other healthcare facilities, retention facilities such as jails and prisons, secure business locations in which access requires the checking of cell phones, cameras, etc. In fact, any situation requiring the controlled storage of an individual’s personal property would benefit from the added security of our personal property security bags.

Your choice of a personal property security bag is a critical decision. Samples of the Alert Personal Property Security Bag are available free of charge for your evaluation.

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