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Alert Antistatic Tamper Evident Evidence Bag

Complete performance packaging for electronic data storage devices

The preferred method for the storage of data and sensitive information is increasingly digital solutions. As new technologies for storage become the norm, the solutions that protect the data storage devices must feature similarly advanced technologies. Computer hard drives, cell phones, PDAs and other data storage devices are playing increasingly important roles in criminal and civil evidence collection as well as corporate data storage. The Alert Antistatic Tamper Evident Evidence Bag delivers complete static shielding protection with tamper evident seal technology for data storage devices to ensure a safe and unbroken chain of custody.

Alert Antistatic Evidence Bags are designed with the state-of-the-art technology for tamper evidence and tracking. Our antistatic bags feature sequential serial numbering of the bags and tear off receipt, as well as the unique Alert Continuous Security roll format, which maintains the serial numbers of each Alert Security Bag in numerical order. A single continuous roll of bags with perforations for easy access to individual bags is a valuable tool for coordinating and maintaining multiple samples or the chronological archiving of electronic devices. The maximum-security tape closure system signals a positive, irreversible (VOID) message if tampering or re-entry occurs, giving you absolute certainty and confidence in your chain of custody.

Our bags’ security features also include positive static protection for electronic devices. The Alert Antistatic Evidence Bag is constructed from a transparent metal/plastic laminated film material that provides static shielding to its contents. This state-of-the-art material is a sophisticated lamination of polyester, metal and polyethylene. The polyester dielectric combined with the encapsulated metal layer provides a Faraday Effect that shields the contents from an Electrostatic Discharge (ESD). The metal layer prevents the penetration of damaging electrostatic fields and tribocharging is minimized by the specially processed polyethylene. Mechanically, the multi-layer construction provides a durable, puncture resistant package that is printed with the ESD Warning symbol to identify it as a suitable storage solution for electronic devices.

Alert Antistatic Evidence Bags address the growing issue of securing data storage devices. The broad user base ranges from law enforcement and forensic applications to banking and accounting. The Alert Antistatic Evidence Bag is also available in custom prints for corporate identity and specific use formats. Customer Service Representatives are always available to discuss your specific requirements. 1-888-467-1916, ext 10.

Samples of the Alert Antistatic Evidence Bag are available free of charge for your evaluation.

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