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Welcome to Alert Security Products

Alert Security Products, formerly Packaging Horizons Corp, is excited to welcome you to our new website and your “go- to” source for all your tamper evident security bag needs. We have designed our new website to offer a clear and concise way to purchase your security bag products online, with hassle-free payments and order tracking with the same exceptional customer service that you have come to expect when working with the Packaging Horizons team. We offer the most comprehensive line of tamper evident security bag products in the industry, with custom solutions for a range of applications, all with state-of-the-art security technology.


Alert Security Products was founded as Packaging Horizons in 1974 as a manufacturer of polyethylene bags and quickly established itself as a leader in specialized tamper evident security bags and packaging.

In 2020, Packaging Horizons was acquired by Primary Packaging Incorporated (PPI), a manufacturer of film and bags that services industrial and retail markets with heavy duty packaging for demanding applications. PPI offers robust 10 color flexographic printing and bag conversion capabilities to deliver the highest quality products to all our customers. Primary Packaging rebranded Packaging Horizons as Alert Security Products to focus on what we do best: manufacture and deliver industry leading security products that alert the user of any attempted tampering.

Primary Packaging Inc. is a Field Packaging Solutions Company.

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