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Alert Mobile Security®

    . . . . . . The Security Solution for high value Chain of Custody and Proof of Authenticity applications

Alert Mobile Security Bag
Alert Mobile Security is the Best Available Technology for the secure documentation of high value Chain of Custody and Proof of Authenticity applications. Alert Mobile Security is based on the highly secure near field communications (NFC) technology - the same technology used in smart credit cards, keyless locks and smart phone payment systems. Alert Mobile Security integrates NFC with the proven Alert Tamper Evident Security Bag for a superior, total security system which combines physical security with uncompromising digital documentation of asset transfers - all through the convenience of a smart phone. Learn more about NFC Security

Alert Mobile Security Technology is available on any Alert Security Bag or custom printed security bag.
Alert Mobile Security Bag

The benefits of Alert Mobile Security are Truly Unique and Impressive!
  • The highest level and most secure technology available for identification and tracking of mobile assets in a Chain of Custody, Proof of Authenticity protocol. Alert Mobile Security uses a proprietary dual serial number technology to further enhance the inherent security of NFC. Learn More
  • Transaction records are created instantly by a simple touch of a smart phone to the NFC label on the Alert Security Bag.
    • Eliminates human error in creating transaction records.
    • Virtually impossible to counterfeit or alter data records.
    • Assists in managing a mobile workforce - automatic logs of time, date, and location for every transaction.
  • Smart Phone transfers all transaction records to secure cloud-based data storage. Original records cannot be altered.
  • Authorized users view records of asset transfers on smart phone or PC. Learn More
  • Proprietary software provides users with the option of generating email or text "event notifications". (Example: Email sent to supervisor when asset reaches a predetermined location. Example: Management alert sent if asset does not arrive at a scheduled location by a specific date / time.)
  • Alert Mobile Security can integrate data with an orgainization's secure data file storage.
  • Paperless

Alert Mobile Security

Discuss a Security Solution for your specific protocol. Contact our customer service department at 1-888-467-1916 in the US and Canada or email with your contact information.

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